Nuevora Analytics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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A managed services platform that delivers
lifecycle analytics apps for lifecycle marketing.

Through a powerful combination of technology, intuitive business logic, and last-mile human prowess,
our suite of Analytics Apps is enabling CMOs to deliver customer loyalty and maximize
'firm value.'

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Learn how Nuevora is moving the needle on more than a Billion Dollars in combined revenues across these leading customers.

Learn How Enterprises Use Nuevora

  • Customer Acquisition

    Customer acquisition is a broad term that is used to identify the processes and procedures used to locate, qualify and ultimately secure the business of new customers.

  • Customer Retention

    The true health of a business closely relates to how well it can acquire and retain customers. An organization’s ability to provide value drives its customer retention, which impacts the success of the entire business.

  • Customer Value

    The growth of a business is fueled by maximizing the wallet share and life-time profitability of its customer base … whether you call it “customer relationship management” or just good business.

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