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Big Data Analytics Benchmark Research

Assessing the Revolution in Big Data and Business Analytics.

Applying analytics to big data can help organizations resolve many data-dependent management and operational issues encountered by both business units and the IT groups that support them. But many potential users aren’t sure precisely what big-data analytics is or how to use it for business advantage. The result is confusion that raises questions about the best way to proceed. This lack of clarity poses a challenge for organizations seeking competitive advantage, improved profitability, better regulatory compliance or more reliable information security. To make the right decisions, adopters need guidance based on reliable data – the kind that’s drawn from objective, in-depth research.

Ventana Research conducted benchmark research on Big Data Analytics, focusing on four key areas of big-data analytics; visual discovery, predictive analytics, real-time and streaming analytics and business intelligence. The research identified, explored and quantified the ways in which organizations use big-data analytics to gain business value. The research investigated what types of organizations are interested in adopting improvements to big-data analytics, why they are interested, who is making the purchase decision in what time frame and what selection criteria they used. It explored the perceived value of more effective analytics processes, and it assessed the relative maturity of analytics in the dimensions of people, process, information and technology.

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